The Guys of MARK209


Jym Howe

Singing lead for MARK209 is Jym Howe of White House, TN. Born to Tommy and Tollie Howe of Houston, TX, Jym grew up around some of the greats of gospel and country music. It was not uncommon for him to come home from school and have celebrated artists such as Larry Gatlin (country legend), Pat Hoffmaster (Blackwood Bros.), Steve Warren (Masters 5), Roy Tremble (Cathedrals) and others hanging around his house singing gospel music with his father. Jym spent much of his younger years running around backstage, getting in performers’ way, and playing by the record table at the Houston Music Hall while his dad was singing. Some of Jym’s earliest memories are of running down the aisle of the bus and kicking Larry Gatlin in the shin … that and hanging out with his dad at Steve Warren’s house listening to vinyls in the music room till the wee hours of the night. Jym’s parents even met at a Blackwood/Statesmen concert at the Music Hall. All of this instilled a love for quartet music in his heart.

Spending his teen years in Cut ‘n Shoot Texas, Jym has not changed much from those years. He is still the cut-up he was then. The only difference is he has become much stronger in his faith, loves to tell how God has blessed him, and now people come out to watch him “cut-up” on stage.

Jym spent several years singing with various regional groups in Texas and Florida. He also sang tenor with Exodus of Nashville and most recently with the Stamps Quartet, just before joining the group. In addition to singing gospel music, Jym spent some time performing various leading roles in popular musicals and was cast in some commercial work and a few film roles.

Jym has one son, Thomas.

Most recently Jym and his wife, Christina, have opened a full dinner theatre in New Bloomfield, MI. It is the states first Meet & Three restaurant. It is a Nashville themed, home cooked style family friendly restaurant called “Heart of Nashville”. Make your plans today to go get you some amazing food!